Hiya Gorgeous! Welcome to your LoveLaunch Program Online Community Forum.

WE WANT YOU TO GET THE MOST POSSIBLE OUT OF THIS INCREDIBLE PROGRAM AND COMMUNITY. You’ll get more out of it the more you put into it, really (kinda like life, huh?).

It is our honor and pleasure for you to join our community of like-minded, wonderful, and spiritual women, the LoveLaunch Program Online Community Forum, comprised of you + all the other wonderful women in this program with you. This online community forum will be another way to deepen your connections with each other and us, and to step up your involvement in your transformation! It will be our primary communication location throughout our wonderful year of transformation, growth, and expansion.

Since you will also be attending our Live Intensive Weekends, this forum will also be a great place to make connections that may turn into room shares, rideshares, etc. You’ll see the “Room/Ride Share” tab for you to easily make those connections and not be limited to only your circle, nor will you need to jump into every other circle to get that going.

Remember that only the women in this program with you, our support staff, and us will have access – so rest assured that this is a secure and safe space to be raw, be real, be you – and be excited about where you are going, not where you’ve been.

On the “Communication Wall” tab, we’ll be looking for your comments, celebrations, and we’ll be answering your questions that you post too. That “Communication Wall” is where you can ask questions of us (Lara & Johnny) and each other. Your question/concern/comment is likely someone else’s so please, don’t be bashful, ask away! Keep your posts relatively short (3 paragraphs at MAX) and to the point so everyone can read, reply, and connect.

You’ll notice that there are 3 “Communication Walls” each one is for a certain gemstone. Remember YOUR gemstone. That’s YOUR CIRCLE of women that you will travel this entire program with. We strongly suggest that you exclusively read and post to the one in your assigned gemstone. Otherwise, you’ll get overwhelmed, and we don’t want that. You’ll see that there is a wall for the Emerald, Ruby, and Sapphire. Again, you are in the Circle, so that Communication Wall is for you and the other women in your circle.

If you want to listen or download our LoveLaunch Program Group Mentoring Sessions these will all be posted in the “Program Modules”. Live Event dates are also posted there for your easy reference.

If you have technical issues with logging in, uploading your photo, setting up your profile, or any other tech stuff you’ll want to send a message to our awesome Tech Support team and they’ll take care of you as quickly as possible. Send your technical questions/requests via the Contact Us tab and fill in your name, email address (same one that you are using for this program), subject, and your message.

Remember, you’ll want to jump into our LoveLaunch Program Online Community Forum (at least) once per week for the duration of the program, it’ll enhance your experience and connect you with the other women in this program, wonderful women just like YOU!

If you have any problem logging into the website or accessing your course module, please contact our support team at support@thelovelaunchprogram.com

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